Serrano Mini bones 3units 西班牙山區火腿細骨(3條) 約80g



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Serrano ham is rich in protein and boasts many benefits for a dog’s health (including better fur and skin). Serrano ham bones are ideal for strengthening your pet’s teeth whilst removing tartar.

MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL Serrano Ham Bones are not boiled, but are subjected to a natural drying process in order to maintain all of their nutritional values and prevent them from splintering so easily when chewed or digested by your pet.

Mediterranean Natural, together with the Department of Animal Physiology of the University of Murcia, has carried out a fracture resistance study of our Serrano Ham Bones whose results show that they are safe for dogs as long as they are administered according to our recommendations (each bone is indicated for dogs of different sizes). Check here the results of this study.

Serrano Ham Bones of MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL are a 100% natural and hypoallergenic product. They are natural source of oleic acid and gluten free product.




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